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sorry but Task got a new toy called Iped.


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Who`s Dan Patrick?

Daniel dont listen to Twatt

Task Thinks 3rd Bass Overachieved

Whats the truth behind Guru and Solar?

Task Bashes Jay Electronica

JayRoc Joins

Suge beat and robbed Yukmouth

Ivan Ljubičić

Marbury MVP of Chinesse Basketball Legaue

and much more...

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Jack-Ass with a Badge

Sign up for the TWATT Stock Challenge... Game ID is TWATTSTOCK


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Listener email : Albert Turner

Eve's Tax Troubles Hit The Internet

Nas IRS Debt Totals More than $3 Million

Ice Cube Announces New Album, “I Am The West”

Lupe Fiasco Jumping Into Literary World

Gangstarr's Guru Goes into Cardiac Arrest, in a Coma

Public Enemy Struggles To Maintain Fan Investors For Album

Ras Kass Asks Fans To Donate $3,800 To Release Next Album

Beanuts, AZ, Rhymefest, Assist Dres' From The Black Pool Of Genius

Support Phraze`s First Album How I See It

In the Deck...

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Boosie is going to be doing some time.

Little Curtis Talk

Sherlock Holmes (movie)

Task Reviews Avatar

Tournament : Multiple assassin movie

Six Reasons Why Rap Is Gonna Suck In 2010…

Daniel never watched Madea movie

Task dont like “Goats” in a movie tittle

Taskmaster plays Dragon Age Origins

Another Movie Law Abiding Citizen End of the decade And alot of good stuff…

Warning : This episode has Task talking 90% of the time.

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Artist/ Music Submission : Landon Wordswell

Beanie Sigel Says 50 Cent Used Him For Publicity

Beanie Sigel & Freeway Team up for Roc Boys Street Album

Ludacris & Shawnna Reportedly Part Ways,

Nas Arrested On DUI Charge In Georgia Ruff Ryders Reunite;

Drag-On Preps Final LP For Label

Army Specialist Jailed Over Rap Lyrics

Sadat X Lines Up Heavyweights For “Wild Cowboys II” Album

Killer Mike’s “I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II” For Free Download

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