In This episode of Wassup Phraze and Daniel talk Nba Celts Miami,Okc Spurs Matchups
and some Beastie Boys mention.

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Skinny Jeans Are Bad For Your Health
RIP The Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch
Pete Rock Blasts Lupe Fiasco, Label For Sampling T.R.O.Y.
The Real Reason Why They Repeat the Same 20 Songs on the Radio & TV Nationwide
Phraze will appear in a  Ace Hood Music Video
In the Deck...

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Tupac Hologram Performs At Coachella
Why Nas Is Great?  (Without Mentioning Jigga)
Am I Trippin: Josephine Budden
Rappers Recycling
Artist Profile: Masta Ace

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In this episode of Wassup Task Omari and Daniel  talk  about AMC` Tv Show Walking Dead also Task talks about his Projects with NoEmotion Gold Mask and JayRoC and His New Video Adrenaline Helix .

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In This episode of Wassup Phraze Dominique and Daniel Discuss NBA.

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THHP #55 - Jellyfish Tentacle
In this episode we discuss:
  • The departure of Daniel 'The Uzi'
  • Citi Frresh and her style, potential and her mixtape 'The Come Up'
  • and much more!!
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 The Come Up - [DatPiff Stream/Download] [Mixtape Download]

"Citi Frresh is the best female, spittin'. Period.  Listen to, 'The Come Up' and punch me in the face if I'm lyin." -Task

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Uzi is joined in this episode by SB and Dominique,
and we actually talk about bball.The entire episode.

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and Also make sure to check SB`s Blog TheAbstractFiles

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Task reads...
Think Like a Man
Chuck D Vs Task on Twitter

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