Current state of the Hip-Hop album?
Your top 5 Mc`s ?
Takeover vs Ether ? (Production Only)
First hip-hop Gold single
And some Unknown Hip Hop facts


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RIP Nate Dog
Denzel plays the same character ?
Black Actors
Movie talk
Nfl Lock Out
Kentucky vs Duke

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...and Nba talk AGAIN
Winner In Celtics/OKC trade
Celtics More worried about Heat and the Knicks?
Thunder 1st or a 2nd round Team ?
The Knicks Finally get Melo for 23142 players
Amare vs Bosh,Warnning: One Long Argument
Deron Willams versus Jerry Sloan
Nets get D-Will,good/bad deal?

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Music Submission:  Chi town Emcee K.Vincent - Ain't A Thang Change
Check The Hip Hop Podcast at Revolt Radio Saturday 3pm-4:30pm EST
“Yo,THHP don`t rep the West!”
Nicki Minaj Becomes First Female Hip Hop Artist Since Eve To Have #1 Album
Luke Running For Mayor Of Miami-Dade County
10 Rappers I Once Swore By
"I didn't even know Wu-Tang sued ni**as".
Everybody Hates Nas
Big Daddy Kane To Release A Full Band Live Album
Beanie Sigel Expresses Interest In Cash Money
Kool G Rap Offers Free EP To Fans
Jay Electrical
Random Axe LP Dropping In May
Money Making Jam Boys
in the deck and much more...

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Talib vs Phraze
Daniel vs Jean,hmm.. kinda
G. Dumb Walked Into 25th Precinct To Confess 1993 Murder
Nicky vs Kimberly
Chile ? Really ?
Chaos reviews Breaking,kinda
Jean Claude Van Damme is Breaking too
Daniel still smiling goofy
The Art Of 16
Who will win the Super Bowl?
R.I.P. Magnolia Shorty
and Much more

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Magical Trade For Orlando ?
Trouble in LaLa Land ?
Melo Drama
Butler/Mavs done for a season
LeBron James: What is Contraction ?
Knicks Gunning and Runnig
Miami`s New GM: Phraze

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Music submission : Citi Frresh
Lil Kim,NY Sequals nad Wu Tang
Funk Master Flex Disses 2Pac
Bad Azz, Techniec, Lil C-Style's LBC Crew Album To Finally Be Released
Ice Cube Announces SOLO Apparel/Headphone Line
Quincy Jones Rejects Kanye Comparisons
Sample Documentary "Copyright Criminals"
Q-Tip Against ATCQ Documentary
Curren$y Says He's Open To A Collaboration With Lil Wayne
Nicki Minaj Is 'Culmination Of All' Femcees, MC Lyte Says
Kendrick Lamar Talks About The Possibility Of Working With Dr. Dre
Chuck D On Twitter

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Music submission : Ms.Bee
Jay Electronica signs with Roc Nation
Eminem Won & Lost At The Same Time
The reason why Lost Tapes 2 isn’t coming out
Redman Says That "Muddy Waters 2" Is Happening
Underground Hip-Hop Legend Eyedea Dies Suddenly
AZ is bitting himself on the new album
New Album From Big L Coming Soon
Public Enemy's Fan Funded Album A Success
Chuck D Buys a IPad
Who can do a successful album sequal?
Busta could Papoose Reek de Villian

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In this episode of TWATT, I talk about where I've been, and what I've been up to over that last several months.

My short film, which is the first episode of my new web series.

Episode One: 'No Trespassing'



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Mexicans gave Thumbs Up to Rick Ross
For Hip-Hop, Twitter Has Become the Medium of Choice Words
What Hip Hop sites You go to ?
Hammer calls Jay-z Hellboy
Mos Def Signs Deal With Kanye West's G.O.O.D.
Common & Ice Cube May Collaborate In The Form Of Film
You Need more People like Plies
Pioneering Rapper Just-Ice ReTeams With KRS-ONE For New EP
Did Russell Simmons Blackball Marley Marl?
Busta Rhymes, Leaders of the New School Sued Over 1991 Track
Sheek Louch Preps Def Jam Debut
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