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Apr 22, 2020

In this episode of Shoot the sh!t podcast Phraze Sean and Daniel discuss the strangest thing to ever happen in an NBA game.


Shot clocks not working in Toronto so they had to use a timer, a guy who counted down from 10 and an yells air horn.

Game 7 of the '93 series between Houston and Seattle.The Rockets were down 100 - 101, with about 15 seconds to go in Overtime. Then, Winston Garland (who?) gets up from the bench and walks on the court, standing in the corner waiting for the pass.

Manu smacking a bat out of the air midgame

Drunk woman wanders on the court during Lakers-Nuggets game 

Back in the 90's, J.R. Rider got ejected from a game and refused to leave. Just say down in the middle of the court. His mom came down out of the stands, onto the court, and yelled at him until he left.

When 7-foot-7 Manute Bol hit six 3-pointer s in a half

1995 San Antonio Spurs Wet start at Alamodome

Hornets defend the wrong basket

Joey Crawford Commits foul

Rundown of the Warriors-Blazers game from April 14, 2010.

Rick Davis desperate triple double