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Nov 28, 2014

We are adding a few new segments to the show and one of them is 'Battle of the Week'.

To get our listeners up to speed, we asked  Winged Truth of the mighty
Angry Fan Movement #AFM , to teach us about modern battlerap. 

We discuss, Battlerap Leagues, chokes vs stumbles, different types battle
rappers (angles, jokes, props, story tellers,  ect.), scandales in battlerap,
how much $$$ do they make, and much much more!!

Special thanks to Winged Turth & Caps aka Angryfan. Check out his video
blogs here.

T-Top vs City Tower here
O'fficial vs. Couture here
Danny Myers vs JC here
Hitman Holla vs Charlie Clips here
Arsonal vs QP here
Jaz The Rapper vs 40 B.a.r.r.s. here
Danny Myers vs Born (Phone battle #AFM) here
Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don here
Brizz Rawsteen vs Young X here