RIP Nate Dog
Denzel plays the same character ?
Black Actors
Movie talk
Nfl Lock Out
Kentucky vs Duke

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...and Nba talk AGAIN
Winner In Celtics/OKC trade
Celtics More worried about Heat and the Knicks?
Thunder 1st or a 2nd round Team ?
The Knicks Finally get Melo for 23142 players
Amare vs Bosh,Warnning: One Long Argument
Deron Willams versus Jerry Sloan
Nets get D-Will,good/bad deal?

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Music Submission:  Chi town Emcee K.Vincent - Ain't A Thang Change
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“Yo,THHP don`t rep the West!”
Nicki Minaj Becomes First Female Hip Hop Artist Since Eve To Have #1 Album
Luke Running For Mayor Of Miami-Dade County
10 Rappers I Once Swore By
"I didn't even know Wu-Tang sued ni**as".
Everybody Hates Nas
Big Daddy Kane To Release A Full Band Live Album
Beanie Sigel Expresses Interest In Cash Money
Kool G Rap Offers Free EP To Fans
Jay Electrical
Random Axe LP Dropping In May
Money Making Jam Boys
in the deck and much more...

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